A brilliant Fox & Chave silk tie from the mind of the British cartoonist Bryn Parry CBE (1956-2023)

Bryn Parry was one of the UK's most celebrated countryside cartoonists producing witty and original renditions of characters and animals that offer a true insight into the archetypal nature of rural life in Britain. 

From funny pheasants, to silly squires and goofy gun dogs, Bryn's take often included sharp depictions of both the absurdities of the British middle classes at play and at work in the wild, as well as clever reminders of the common-sense rules for a world of field sports, farming and falling-down drunk. 

Bryn Parry Studios



A Fox & Chave silk tie looks best tied in a classic Windsor or half-Windsor knot and worn with a collar style of your choosing. Cutaway or spread collars offer the greatest opportunity to display the detail of your unique silk tie design.